How to Automate License & Security Role assignment in 2 Easy steps

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Automate License & Security Role assignment

Let us squeeze this lemon to automate as much as possible of the tedious work regarding the administration of a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or PowerApps.

The most natural tedious work to automate with the most significant impact would be Security and license assignment if you ask me.

But why automate License and Security Role Assignment you say!

History shows that

-Microsoft tend to re-invent a license by creating a new with a different name when this occurs, all users must have a new license assigned and the old removed.

-People changes jobs and therefore, license and Security roles are handed over between people.

-Organizations change the internal structure, which can make it necessary to assign a different Security role to most users.

Above reasons all get worse with manual humans work as humans make mistakes where wrong people get access, and the right once does not.

A most important reason for doing this Automation is that it takes less than 10 minutes to automate, which is equal to the same time it takes to manually assign license and Security roles to 10 users.

Go through below step by step guides to get squeezing tedious admin work.

Step 1: How to Automate License Assignment

Step 2: How to Automate Dynamics/PowerApps Security Role assignment


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