Powerapps Control Framework – Turn Task list into Kanban Board

Powerapps Control Framework

There is no better way to plan your tasks and projects than using Kanban boards if you ask me. A Kanban board is basically a visual representation of your project and your team’s overall progress . For many entrepreneurs, applying Kanban for task management is one of the most effective ways to sort work-related tasks/activities.

The visual representation provided by Kanban answers all your important questions like “what tasks are currently being worked on?”, “how many tasks have been completed?”, “Are there any tasks that are likely to fall behind schedule?”, “what tasks do we need to do next?”, and so on. For this and many other reasons, using Kanban is a must if you are looking to optimize your team’s task management.

See Below a Step by step guide on how to turn an Tasklist into a Kanban board with drag and drop edition with a prebuild PCF solution by Vinicius Basile

Kanban Status reason PCF are created By Vinicius Basile
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/BasileVinicius
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinicius-basile-2b276353/
Find the Code as OpenSource code on GitHub

Import PCF to an environment

  1. Sign into Power Apps and select Solutions from the left navigation.
  2. Download Kanban Board Solution here 

  3. On the command bar, select Import.

    Import solution

  4. On the Select Solution Package page, select Browse to locate the compressed (.zip or .cab) file that contains the solution you want to import.
  5. Select Next.
  6. when Information about the solution is displayed. Select Import.
  7. You may need to wait a few moments while the import completes. View the results and then select Close.
  8. Press action button Publish all Customizations.

Add to Field on Entity

See video demo in end og blogpost for detail how to install and configure.

  • Sign in to Power Apps and expand Data and select Entities
  • Double Click on the entity you want to add the PCF component.
  • Click on a list view of an activity like Tasks
  • Click on the Controls tab and click on Add a control.
  • On the Add Control page, select the component that you want, such as “StatusReason Kanban” component and then select Add.
  • Choose the client where you want the component to appear.

Powerapps Control Framework

Do Configuration

See video demo in end of this blogpost for detail how to install and configure.

“StatusReason Kanban” PCF (PowerApps Component framework) Control turns a view into a Kanban board for the views status reason. Needed configuration is to make sure that “Status Reason” are included as row in view.

Then choose the client where you want the component to appear.

  • Web. To make the code component available from any web browser, select the Web option next to the component. Notice that setting the Web option includes rendering the component in web browsers.
  • Phone. To make the code component available on phones running Dynamics 365 for phones, select the Phone option next to the component.
  • Tablet. To make the code component available on tablet devices running Dynamics 365 for tablets, select the Tablet option next to the component.
  1. Select OK
  2. To activate the customization, on the entity form select Save, and then select Publish.
  3. Select Save and Close to close the form editor.

Video How-to install

The Result


Microsoft official Custom Control documentation Source:

Ps. Microsoft is releasing a Kanban PCF for opportunity and Activities in April 2020 release timeframe, this might be a good replacement when it arrives in your tenant but note that the release note describes this as being a Dynamics 365 so it might not to turn up in pure PowerApps environments. Latest release note writes that this capability is available in Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Sales Professional only. 

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