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X “in a Day” Power Platform training is usually a one-day interactive workshop (now mostly held virtually, due to covid-19) where you learn how to create custom applications for your business without using a single line of code with the use of the Microsoft Business Application Platform components like Power Apps, Power Automate, Virtual Agent, etc.

These are usually held by pre-approved Microsoft Partners and are free of charge to join. Signup for these workshops is a fantastic way to start your Power Platform Journey.

“In a day” in-person or virtual workshops on Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate are delivered by Microsoft top Power Platform partners. Led by specialized instructors, workshops are designed to give customers broad exposure to the different functionalities of the products.

Access the full schedule here alternately here http://aka.ms/PowerPlatformIAD to learn more about the various “In a Day” offerings and how they can benefit! 

But what if, there is not planned workshop near you, you have a tough time finding time, you find the learning pace to slow or have some other excuse but still really want to have a Hands-on, fear not most of these “in a day” workshop guides are either in GitHub as open source or ready to download for all.

Below you will find direct links to workshop hand-on:

DATAVERSE for Microsoft Teams in a day

1-day hands-on workshop for business users, covering the breadth of Power Platform capabilities in Microsoft Teams . A complete and free workshop content that contains presenter deck with presenter notes, set up instructions, participant labs, solution files. The content is updating quarterly.

This course is designed to start your journey with Teams and Power Platform, understand the Power Platform tools, explore DATAVERSE and understand how it can be leveraged in Microsoft Teams.

Instructor Content: https://aka.ms/DataverseTeamsInst

Attendee Content: https://aka.ms/DataverseTeamsIAD

iconpowerapps(Power) App in a Day github.com

iconautomate(Power Automate) Flow in a day github.com

iconpowerbi (PowerBi) Dashboard In A Day powerbi.microsoft.com

iconvaPower Virtual Agent in a day powervirtualagents.microsoft.com

flowuiicon (Power Automate) RPA in a day


icon ai builderAI builder in a day

-Binary Classification: powerusers.microsoft.com

-Object Detection powerusers.microsoft.com

-Forms Processing powerusers.microsoft.com

-Sentiment analysis: powerusers.microsoft.com

settings(Power Platform) Admin in a day github.com

githublogoPower Platform Application Lifecycle Management in a day

-with GitHub: github.com

-with Azure DevOps: docs.microsoft.com

Power Platform Hands-on Learning
Power Platform Hands-on Learning 14

If you want to get more info and stuff to read about the power platform this blog post is a good place to start: powerapps.microsoft.com

Have a Happy lifelong learning.

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