Sales Win Wire Automation with Microsoft Flow

How do you organization communicate important sales wins?

All companies I have worked fore have all had some kind of Sales Win Wire procedure in place to make the organization aware of important sales wins…. but… those Win Wires have always been weeks or month underway before made. Usually sellers down prioritize creating Win Wires as they already are focused on to the next sale rather than looking back and reflect.

Let’s Automate Win Wires

Why not do a post to Microsoft Teams with a simple Win Wire information every time an Opportunity in a Model Drivel Powerapp/Dynamics 365 are set as “Won”.

Lets go through a step by step guide on how to set this up with no code through Microsoft Flow.

Trigger a Flow to run when a Sales  Opportunity is Closed

  1. Create a new Microsoft Flow “Create from Blank”
  2. Give you flow a good name like “Sales WinWire with Microsoft Flow”
  3. Search for connector “Common Data Service” and select
  4. Select Trigger “When a record is updated”
  5. Set Environment
  6. Set Entity name = Opportunities
  7. Set Scope = User
  8. Expand “Advanced Options”
  9. Set “attribute Filters item” = “ActualCloseDate”


Last step “attribute filters item” are really important as this tells the Flow only to trigger when a new value are saved to the Opportunities field “Actual close Data” so we do not get the Flow trigged on every updated to the opportunity

Get Account/Client/Customer data

  1. Add a new step
  2. Search for connector “Common Data Service” and select
  3. Choose Action “Get Record”
  4. Set Environment
  5. Select Entity containing Customer data (name is normally Account, but I have changed mine to “Client”)
  6. In “Item identifier” select “Account”
  7. Press “…” and select “Rename” and set flow step name = “Get Client”


Renaming a flow step make it easier in later flow steps to find and use parameters.

Design a Adaptive Win Wire Card

User one of the sample adaptive cards here or create your own as I have done with this free designer

After finished designing the adaptive card press “Copy JSON” to be ready to use it in next step.AdaptiveCardDesigner


Create Post for Adaptive Card Win Wire to Teams

Create a new StepStep4_ 16Search and select “Microsoft Teams”Step4_2 62Select Action “Post your own adaptive Card…”Step4_2 125Select which Teams site and Channel to post inStep4_2 234Paste copied JSON from “Step 3 – Design Adaptive Card” info field “Message”Step4_2 416Set Curser in Message window where values from previous steps should be inserted and scroll down below the Message Window to insert parameters/values from Opportunity or Account/Client/Customer.Step4_2 458

Example of placement of parameter “actual Revenue” from Opportunity in JSONStep4_2 422

Save it and try it out.



Below is a demo of the Adaptive Card posted to a Teams channel with a Win Wire information every time an Opportunity in a Model Drivel Powerapp/Dynamics 365 are set as “Won” (clicking action “Close as Won”).

Try it

Next step should be to try this in your organization.

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