PowerApps component framework (PCF)

PowerApps component framework

Well Hello, PowerApps component framework (PCF), where have you been all my life. I just love your Modern web best practices optimized for performance with high Reusability. Have you also fallen in love with PCF’s? if not yet then let me convince you by the power of example (Scroll down to see)

Facts about PowerApps component framework (PCF) components:

  • It can be imported with Standard Solutions packaging.
  • Are Microsoft’s supported replacement of unsupported HTML-DOM JavaScript manipulation.
  • Are used by Microsoft themselves to extend and develop the PowerApps platform with alternative UI representation, like Calendar List view, URL Website preview, etc.
  • Is General Available to use in PowerApps Model drive apps.
  • Works for Dynamics 365 Sales, Service, etc. as Dynamics are first-party apps on the PowerApps platform.
  • Is in Public preview of Powerapps Canvas Apps as “Code components” for support of field type and limited support for data-set. (Follow latest on this here https://aka.ms/PCFblog )
  • It can be reused across environments and across Model-Driven and Canvas Apps without any change needed to the component, aka, high reusability.
  • Takes automatic care of the state (Model), mediating logic (Controller), and data synchronization letting you focus on coding the web UI(View), aka Modern web best practices.
  • If rumors are true, PCF components could be reused as extensions of PowerApps Portals at some point in future time. (future is now Use code components created using Power Apps Component Framework inside Power Apps portals )

Use PCF to have high performing solutions

Avoid using web resources to add iframe content. If possible, build custom UI with the PowerApps Component Framework instead. You will automatically benefit from ongoing performance improvements, similar to those you get by keeping your browser up to date.

Bonus info to Optimizing for what the user sees

  • When designing pages, put what is most important at the top to make it most easily accessible for your users.
  • Move infrequently used components to other tabs on a form, use role-based forms instead of showing & hiding components, and
  • use sections to organize your controls – this won’t make your forms slower.

Example of how to supercharge Dynamics 365 Case handling with PCF

Every customer support team will eventually hit a point where the volume of support tickets or emails grows large enough that a new process is needed. How to tackle those customer requests can vary significantly.

Task Kanban Board Drag & Drop

One approach is to have more people help to solve one case by employing a subtask system. Common Data Service (CDS) has a task entity ready to relate to a Case. Usually, these tasks are shown as simple list views, but with PCF these can be shown as a KanBan Board with easy Drag & Drop status change. See here a Step by step guide on how to turn a task list into a Kanban Board with PCF with prebuild solution by Vinicius Basile 


OptionSet as Icons

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an English language adage meaning that elaborate description or ideas can be conveyed by a single simple image, which carries its meaning or essence more effectively than a mere verbal description.

This can also be true for picklist/option-sets, and that is why the PCF control turning option sets into an icon list is genius. See here a Step by step guide optionset-icons-PCF on how to turn an option set into an Icon list with PCF with prebuild solution by David Rivard 


Text Analytics

Sometimes case descriptions from a customer can be long and complex to read. If that is the case using Azure Cognitive service could help caseworkers quickly and efficiently to understand the case Sentiment, Language, Key Phrases, and what different entities are mentioned in the text for a quick resolution, prioritization, or case routing to the right person with right language skills.

Azure Cognitive service can be accessed directly in Azure, through Power Automate Text Analytics Connector or through PowerApps AI Builder, See here for how to enable Azure Cognitive Text Service on any text Field with prebuild PCF solution by Danish Naglekar https://pcf.gallery/text-analytics/


Case Tracker

Queue Item Tracker | PCF Gallery

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