Exam prep guide MB-230: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

So there is a new bunch of Dynamics 365 certification out and it is, therefore, time either take the opportunity to learn or to prove that you know, the latest Dynamics 365 stuff. As always old certification will be deprecated and new will take their place …so… ready, set, go.

In this blog post, I will share my secret prep guide of passing certification MB-230: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

Newbie to Dynamics 365 certification?

If you are new to Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification exams, I recommend you to go through the official Microsoft course content for this certification as it would give you a decent foundation to have a chance to pass. When taking the exam use these Strategies to read Certification Questions.

RWvtgU?ver=6624Official MB-230 Certification Self-Paced training (OpenEdX)

But certification is not passed with just reading the theory, but you need to actually get into the system, use it and understand the process and data relationships from the perspective of a sales user as some certification questions are quite “where to click in correct order” questions. For this, I recommend spinning up a free 30 days Dynamics 365 trial to have a Dynamics 365 to mess up going through some of the thing found in the below user training.

working with dynamics 365 for salesUser training Working with Dynamics 365 for Service (Microsoft Learn)

The Shorter prep fore us with Dynamics 365 practical experience

Having passed Dynamics certification the last 10+ years, I found the most effective step to prep is always to list and look into the specific Skills measured and find relevant information for those topics only to keep my prep as lean, clean and quick. I focus reading up on the added and changed skills measured and only skim the skills measured that have not changed since last time.

Relevant information on Skills Measured

First, I look through the official Microsoft documentation that is getting better and better at Docs.Microsoft.Com.

Second I typically find information in the trusted Neil Parkhurst NEIL_PARKHURST_75x75 always excellent blogpost on Dynamics certification prep… but as of writing this, he has not yet updated his blog to cover this new certification but most information is still relevant to know.

I have done all the “hard work” and below you find the relevant links for prep on MB-230 in a lean, clean and quick fashion.

Note when reading Docs.Microsoft.com documentation take special care of reading and remembering the purple “Note” and baby blue “Important” section as information here have a high likelihood of being in the certification questions.


Skills measured in MB-230

Perform configuration (25-30%)

Configure Service Management settings

Configure processes

Create and configure customer service visualizations

  • configure customer service content pack for Power BI
  • configure customer service dashboards
  • design and create customer service charts
  • execute and analyze customer service reports

Manage cases and the knowledge base (30-35%)

Create and manage cases

  • manage case list
  • create and search for case records
  • convert activities to cases
  • perform case resolution
  • implement case routing rules
  • implement parent-child cases
  • merge cases
    • Docs: merge similar cases
    • When a case is merged, the state of the case is changed to canceled, and the status is changed to merged. This is because it is merged into another case and all of the open case activities, emails, and attachments are now associated with the case it was merged into
  • configure status reason transitions
  • add activity to Case
  • resolve cases

Create and manage the knowledge base

Manage queues, entitlements, and SLAs (25-30%)

Create and manage queues

  • differentiate queue types
    • Docs: set up queues manage activities cases
    • Queue Types
      • Private queues: Create private queues with limited set of members to help those members easily view the queue items in that queue. Private queues streamline queue items for the members of that queue only and help to remove clutter from other user’s views.
      • Public queues: Create public queues to let everyone in the organization view the queue and all the items it contains.
  • add cases and activities to queues
  • implement case routing
  • configure entities for queues
  • configure queue email settings
  • configure record creation and update rules
  • Working with Queues
    • Docs: work with queues
    • Queue’s user Actions
      • Edit the record
      • Route the record
      • Pick the record. It will be assigned to you and will be moved to your queue.
      • Release the record. It will be assigned back to the queue owner for other’s to pick up.

Create and manage entitlements

Create and manage SLAs

  • determine SLA conditions
  • define and create SLAs
  • implement actions and details
  • manage cases with SLAs
  • create and manage SLA items
  • Add timer Control to SLA on Case Form
  • use SLAs on-demand
    • Docs: apply SLA on demand
      • To apply SLAs on-demand manually, choose the SLA in the SLA field. This field is not available by default on entity forms, a System administrator might be needed to add the field on the entity form

Configure voice of the customer (15-20%)

Voice of the Customer skills and exam questions will be replaced with Forms Pro skills and questions at some point in time. Microsoft expects to communicate in details on this August 2019.

Neil’s blog: voice-of-the-customer

Create surveys

Preview, test, and publish surveys

  • distribute survey
  • embed a survey on a web page (via IFrame)
    • Adding anything to a webpage from other systems are done through Iframes, Iframe is a set of HTML codes usually given in a copy paste function from the source system one to paste into a webpage
  • clone, import, and translate surveys

Manage survey responses

Source of Inspiration

Neil Parkhurst NEIL_PARKHURST_75x75 for always good blogpost on Dynamics certification prep.

Henry Jammes henryjammes_75x75 for blogpost on official certification training info.

My self Jens Kofod JensKofod_75x75for bringing it all together with relevant links.

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