What is the Best Path to Get Started with Dynamics 365 Trial?

Dynamics 365 Trial

Some question seems hard to answer but is not, and others seem easy to answer but are hard. Getting a Dynamics Customer Engagement/CRM 30 days trial is easy if you want to throw it into the bin after 30 days but if you’re going to keep it on the right path to a Dynamics Customer Engagement/CRM 30 days trial can be bumpy… you just do not know before you are around the first corner. At the bottom of this article, I will give you my step by step guide which has helped me in navigating the bumpy path.

Why bumpy?

In my Dynamics career I have seen multiple things that made it a Bumpy path fx.:

  • Even though Microsoft has made it easy for Business people to order a Dynamics 365 Trial some organizations have deployed fences (firewalls etc.) to heighten security by blocking the use of cloud software other that was is already approved by governance. If this fence is not governed by a quick change process, this will prevent business people in being agile and able to innovate.
  • Dynamics Customer Engagement is Managed on the highest level by the same Admin as Microsoft Office 365. If your organization already have Microsoft Office 365, the Admin is usually an IT person being forced into a regime of cumbersome governance and have a focus of already running Applications that need maintenance. It is often not this person’s priority to help you set up a 30 days trial without many Business justifications which you seldom have when doing a trial.
  • Large organizations have multiple instances of Office365 for sub-organization and can, therefore, have numerous Microsoft Online Services agreements. Choosing the right agreement to tied to the right sub-organization can be tricky, and here many human mistakes can happen to stall the move from the 30 days trial to a paid version.

No paths are wrong, some are just bumpy

Step by step navigating the potential bumpy path

All paths will give you a Dynamics Customer Engagement/CRM 30 days trial some might get bumpy when you decide to buy… below order is from least potential bumpy path in my experience.

1. Try to convince you Office 365 Admin to order a Dynamics Trial through the Office 365 Admin portal.

Dynamics 365 Trial

2. If Office 365 does not include an option to order a Dynamics Trial have your Office 365 Admin / License Manager contact your License Partner or create an Office 365 Support ticket asking for help

3. If you have no Office 365 or the above steps did not work, go ahead and spin up a Dynamics Trial here https://trials.dynamics.com/

Use My Learnings as you see fit and please provide feedback 🙂

Hoped you enjoyed reading about my learnings and can use them for good in yours. Remember that no two organizations are the same and Microsoft are running Agile so you might encounter other bumps that I have described… if you do, please do not be shy and write them in a “Comment” for us all to learn from each other.





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