Important Microsoft update: Week 1 / 2021

There is a total of 7 notification this week with a description of 4 new features 💗 and a total of 6 notification which could impact Users 👁‍🗨

Content this week

Yammer Yammer Community Insights and Questions 💗 👁‍🗨

Yammer Data Export to include additional Open Graph (OG) object information

Microsoft 365 suite PowerPoint for Mac record slide show updates 👁‍🗨

General announcement Extending the temporary limit increase for live events 👁‍🗨

SharePoint Online SharePoint page authoring – new first run experience 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Forms Microsoft Forms: Email receipt and response download option 💗 👁‍🗨

Exchange Online Outlook for iOS and Android: Sync contact sub folders as category labels 💗 👁‍🗨

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