Automate Microsoft License assignment as Easy as 1-2-3

lemon in body of water

Let us squeeze this lemon to automate as much as possible of the tedious work regarding the administration of a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement or PowerApps.

The most natural tedious work to automate with the most significant impact will be the license assignment if you ask me, so let us explore how to automate this by looking at what is built into Azure Active Directory

When done with the below steps,  you only need AD group access role rather than Microsoft Office 365 Admin to add a license to a user.

Step 1 – How to Automate License Assignment

  1. Start with log in to Azure portal and navigate to Azure Active Directory and open up Groups section and click the + “New Group.”AD1
  2. Create a new Security Group by giving it a name and descriptionAD2
  3. Open the newly created groupAD3
  4. Navigate to the “Licenses” section and click “+ Assign.”AD5
  5. Click “configure Required Settings” and select the “Product license” to related to AD GroupAD7
  6. Click “Assignment Options” to add sub-license sections if needed. Click “Assign”AD8
  7. That is it.. if a User is added to this new Group the user will automatically have the selected security role assigned… Click “Member” and add a user.AD10

For details read, see Microsoft documentation:

See here how I did it and if it works…spoiler alert, it actually works:


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