WFH Guide: Be respectful to Yourself and Others and have fun

Do frequent check-ins with Team Members and your Leader and have fun

Make up for missing hallway talk or connecting in the kitchenette or café
by using chat messages or calling. Set yourself a reminder to check in with people regularly. Remember to make work fun share personal news, pictures, and stories. Try a GIF, sticker or emoji to express yourself… kind of how you would do if you meet face to face. For more informal meeting try adding a snap chat filter to you video stream in Microsoft Teams or your favorite choice of video Chat

Be present and respectful in online meetings

Limit multitasking during meetings. Turning on your video can show that you are paying attention and allow you to focus on the person or people on your call. Blur your background to reduce distractions if your online meeting software has this feature.

Check-in with yourself (and others)

It’s important to check in with yourself and be mindful of how you are feeling. Anxiety, loneliness, and other feelings are perfectly normal. It is OK to be lonely and talk to you plants, TV, refrigerator, etc. but if the dead objects are talking back to you please seek professional help.


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