Don’t forget to take breaks

Planning Breaks

I am a passionate person and when I am deep in problem-solving mode or have a massive amount of tasks to perform I actually sometimes forget to take breaks which makes me a lot less productive.

What has helped me to remember to take breaks was to Use my calendar to turn meals and breaks into appointments so I get regular reminders. I also started to block time on my calendar for exercise and fresh air (even in rainy days)

Set boundaries

I am not good at switching ‘off’ from work when I Work from home.. there is no natural “leave the office” time or switch ‘on’ your workday when you don’t leave the house. I try to set clear intentions about work time and home time to avoid burnout or being ‘always on’ with the same Calendar trick as above.

It works for me, it might also work for you.

woman in yellow sweater holding brown and white short coated dog
Stay happy and productive out there in the real world