Microsoft Research Summit October 19-21, 2021

Now is the time to find your inner nerd and geek out with #Microsoft award-winning #research community which for the last 30 years have been working in labs and locations across the globe, to pursue advances across a wide range of research areas. These fine persons like @Xuedong Huang will go boldly where no person has gone before and take us all with them. For me, this event is a must-see event for curiosity persons like myself.

Microsoft Research are the master minds behind the #science, #algorithms, models and machine learning packed into Microsoft Business Applications like #Dynamics365, #Office365 and #Azure. The Latest cool solution they created and made general available is the Azure Metrics Advisor – Root-Cause Analysis in Time series data which, believe it or not, are helping Samsung resolves anomalies faster than ever before which keep your Smart TV service humming.

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