Cost Centric Customer Service makes me angry

I am frustrated at how poor customer service experiences I got this week over the phone by a Bank, Eye doctor and cable company. I am so angry and surprised that I will never use their services again if I have an alternative! Please join me in tagging companies in the comments below to make them aware that you find them a candidate to do better with modern Customer service.

I really hope that these Cost-Centric Companies stick their head out of the year 2010 and step up to today’s digital world not to lose their brand reputation and die for not trying.

Please, please, PLEAS help me help them by forward this post and invite them to join this 1-hour eye opening @Microsoft Event Virtual Event @ November 28th 2022 14:00 – 15:00 CET just for them to become a bit better in not ignoring #CustomerService and find More ways to say hello & Show customers they know them with extraordinarily little effort!

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Advancing from a cost-centric to a metric-centric approach to managing and resolving cases and requests
requires an organization to:
Systematically organize and manage customer profiles and support information within the standard,
standalone case-management that allows tracking of open, related, and historical requests for the
the customer being supported.

Organize knowledge articles, blogs, and wikis on standard procedures and how-to guidance within a
workspace and make them easily accessible with advanced search features and filters for agent use and
self-learning. Further, put procedures in place to periodically update the knowledge resources so agents
can access the most up-to-date information.

Provide agents with access to recorded health scores, customer survey feedback, SLAs, and KPIs from
independent sources, which can be used to coach them on ways to meet their targets effectively while
they support customers.

Provide agents with access to communication tools they can use for real-time interaction with peers and
experts for additional guidance and mentoring when addressing service requests.

Adding these capabilities will allow an organization to equip their agents to organize better and track the
support requests and customer and support information. They’ll also be able to learn
from peers and experts on resolving similar cases.

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