Power Platform Hands-on Learning

X "in a Day" Power Platform trainings are usually a one-day interactive workshop (now mostly held virtually, due to covid-19) where you learn how to create custom applications for your business without using a single line of code with the use of the Microsoft Business Application Platform components like Power Apps, Power Automate, Virtual Agent … Continue reading Power Platform Hands-on Learning

Designing Microsoft Flow in Visio

Take advantage of auto-generation Microsoft Flow from Visio BPMN 2.0 compliant diagrams. It is more productive than you might think... see step by step guide below. Creation a process diagrams on the Visio canvas and with a few click export the workflow to Microsoft Flow and to start automating whatever you do in your business. … Continue reading Designing Microsoft Flow in Visio

Sales Win Wire Automation with Microsoft Flow

How do you organization communicate important sales wins? All companies I have worked fore have all had some kind of Sales Win Wire procedure in place to make the organization aware of important sales wins…. but… those Win Wires have always been weeks or month underway before made. Usually sellers down prioritize creating Win Wires … Continue reading Sales Win Wire Automation with Microsoft Flow