Top unique business model myth

The unique business model myth - Dog in snow

Business model myth Business model myths are thriving and still very much active, why is this a problem? Let me explain. When I talk to leaders about their company on how they do business most conversations usually end with the same speech: “Jens, you must understand that our business is different and unique from most … Continue reading Top unique business model myth

Is Sales changing due to “product as a service”?

Sales are Changing

Are Sales changing due to "product as a service"? I say yes. I have seen a shift and misalignment of sales processes that have led to a “pain” that had not been there before. I say it is time for Sales C-level, Leaders and Managers to act, let me explain. The last years have felt different … Continue reading Is Sales changing due to “product as a service”?

Innovation methodologies explained


Gartner's view on innovation methodologies Gartner visualizes how methods like Design Thinking, Lean, Design Sprint, and Agile flow nicely from one to the next. In reality, where one methodology stops and others start is not that exact as most techniques are overlapping each other as visualized below. Source Innovation methods explained Design Thinking can be used to … Continue reading Innovation methodologies explained