Important Microsoft update: Week 19 / 2022

There is a total of 31 important Microsoft updates / notification with a description of 14 new features 💗 and a total of 15 notification which could impact Users 👁‍🗨

Content this week

Project for the web Microsoft Project usage data in Microsoft Admin Center 💗

Microsoft 365 Defender Update Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Linux security agent 💗

Microsoft 365 Defender Update Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Android security agent

Microsoft 365 Defender Update Microsoft Defender for Endpoint macOS Security Agent 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 Defender Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Introducing Built-In-Protection 💗

Microsoft 365 Defender Microsoft Secure Score is updating improvement actions for Microsoft Defender for Identity

Microsoft 365 Defender New onboarding script for macOS

Power BI Changes to the Power BI service – simpler navigation and improvements to lists on Home 💗 👁‍🗨

Stream On-Demand Caption and Transcript Generation 💗 👁‍🗨

Planner Planner tasks storage location update

Microsoft Forms Forms: Brand new first-run experiences for Forms new users 👁‍🗨

General announcement Pin shared libraries to Quick Access & Recent document libraries list in OneDrive for Business 💗 👁‍🗨

General announcement Search history suggestions for Bing AAD users 👁‍🗨

General announcement Customer Lockbox for Microsoft Power Platform is now available for Public Preview! 💗

Microsoft 365 Apps Some users can access an unsupported early test version of the new Outlook for Windows 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 Apps Temporary Whiteboard collaboration for external and shared device accounts

OneDrive for Business Update to the Copy Link command in OneDrive/SharePoint Web 👁‍🗨

Exchange Online Outlook personal bookings page 💗 👁‍🗨

Exchange Online Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – May 2022 Update 👁‍🗨

Exchange Online Upcoming behavior change to the “DoNotRewrite” List

Exchange Online Migrating the Safe Links Block List to Tenant Allow Block List

Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams: Custom Banner for Emergency Calling 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams 1:1 VOIP and PSTN call recording and transcription in Calls App V2 💗

Microsoft Teams View Together Mode for Everyone 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing Custom Policies and Multiple Toll and Toll-Free Dial-In Phone Numbers in Meeting Invites 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 suite Net promoter score (NPS) survey insights – new visualizations available 💗

SharePoint Online Send Feedback on Image Tags 👁‍🗨

SharePoint Online Image Tags in SharePoint 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Exchange Contacts Available in Calling Pickers in Teams

Microsoft 365 suite Message center posts will include monthly active users specific to the Power BI, Automate, and PowerApps service updates

Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams: Frictionless app re-install for users

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