Important Microsoft update: Week 45 / 2021

There is a total of 22 important Microsoft updates / notification with a description of 14 new features 💗 and a total of 12 notification which could impact Users 👁‍🗨

Content this week

Cloud App Security Microsoft Cloud App Security name is changing

Cloud App Security App governance now generally available 💗

Microsoft Viva Viva insights Manager insights 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 Defender Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Introducing Built-In-Protection 💗

Stream Stream on SharePoint – Viewership Retention 💗 👁‍🗨

General announcement Q&A in Teams, now in Public Preview 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 Apps Microsoft is retiring Security Policy Advisor in the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center

OneDrive for Business Aligning OneDrive sync on Windows support with Windows OS lifecycle policy 👁‍🗨

Exchange Online Upcoming API Retirements in Exchange Web Services for Exchange Online 💗 👁‍🗨

Exchange Online Scheduler Recurring Meetings 👁‍🗨

Exchange Online Classic EAC retirement: Mail flow features

Microsoft Teams Anonymous join policy 💗

Microsoft Teams Expanded reactions in Microsoft Teams 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Chat with users with Teams personal accounts 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Multi-language Teams meeting invite control 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 suite Announcing continuous compliance assessments in the Microsoft 365 compliance center 💗

Microsoft 365 suite Microsoft 365 compliance center – Public preview of historical versions for Advanced eDiscovery 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 suite Communication Compliance – new features coming to public preview 💗

Microsoft 365 suite Compliance Manager: New assessment templates for Azure and Dynamics 365 (preview) plus Zero Trust controls (GA) 💗

SharePoint Online Data access governance reports in SharePoint admin center 💗

SharePoint Online Content type sync enhancements 👁‍🗨

Office for the web updates 👁‍🗨

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