Important Microsoft update: week 18 / 2021

There is a total of 23 notification this week with a description of 14 new features 💗 and a total of 17 notification which could impact Users 👁‍🗨

Content this week

General announcement Block Download Permissions for Teams Meeting Recordings on OneDrive 👁‍🗨

General announcement Whiteboard storage changing to OneDrive for Business 👁‍🗨

General announcement Sending from a Proxy Address (Outlook on the Web) 💗 👁‍🗨

General announcement PowerPoint Live: Present to Teams from PowerPoint for Windows 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 Apps Connector results in All tab in SharePoint, and MSB 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 Apps Updates available for Microsoft 365 Apps for Current Channel

Microsoft 365 Apps New Azure AD built-in roles – Knowledge Admin, Knowledge Manager and Exchange Recipient Admin 💗

OneDrive for Business Public preview: OneDrive Sync admin reports in the Microsoft 365 Apps Admin center 💗 👁‍🗨

Exchange Online Enforcing mailbox receiving limits 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Access files offline in mobile 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams 1:1 Call recording policy introduction 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Meeting Reactions in Teams Meetings 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Add a shared calendar to a Teams channel 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Admins can install Apps in Meetings 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 suite Improvements to Service Health Dashboard and Incident Communications 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 suite View and manage feedback users are submitting to Microsoft about Microsoft 365 products 💗

Microsoft 365 suite Feature Update: Modern comments in Word (Windows) 💗 👁‍🗨

SharePoint Online Migrate content from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

SharePoint Online Microsoft Lists: Grid view keyboard improvements 💗 👁‍🗨

Office for the web Introducing Designer in Word 💗 👁‍🗨

Office for the web Workbook Link Support Enabled in Excel for the web 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams: Profile menu update, relocating profile menu links to a new menu in the title bar

Skype for Business Reminder: Skype for Business Online retires July 31, 2021

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