Important Microsoft update: week 10 / 2021

There is a total of 31 notification this week with a description of 10 new features 💗 and a total of 15 notification which could impact Users 👁‍🗨

Content this week

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Service Health and Message center Communications

Microsoft Power Automate Important Information about Microsoft Power Automate Desktop 👁‍🗨

Office for the web “All” List Update on 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 Apps Whiteboard administrative PowerShell cmdlet access

Microsoft 365 Apps Outlook Mobile – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 Apps New bank accounts are no longer supported in US/France/Italy/Spain/Belgium/Portugal/Luxembourg

Microsoft 365 Apps Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime to be installed on devices running Microsoft 365 Apps 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 Apps Updates available for Microsoft 365 Apps for Current Channel

Microsoft 365 Apps Retiring Delve mobile for iOS and Android 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams: Custom policy packages assignment to groups 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams New personal wellbeing insights coming to Insights app in Teams 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Teams: Transfer calls between devices 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams: Dynamic View 💗 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams Increasing interactive meeting participants and chat from 300 to 1000 👁‍🗨

Microsoft Teams New eCDN Ramp available for Microsoft Teams 💗

Microsoft Teams Updates to meeting chat membership 👁‍🗨

OneDrive for Business OneDrive Android – Bookmarks feature for PDF viewing 💗 👁‍🗨

Yammer New design for Yammer Discovery and Digest emails 👁‍🗨

Microsoft 365 suite Announcing enhanced audit and upload notifications for Exact Data Match (EDM) 💗

Microsoft 365 suite Updated: Billing notifications in Microsoft 365 admin center

Microsoft 365 suite Updates to audit log search results user experience in Microsoft 365 compliance center

Microsoft 365 suite New service: Data-at-rest encryption for Microsoft 365 💗

General announcement Dynamics 365 Home page is being retired April 2021

General announcement Announcing Conglomerate branding for global admins

General announcement Planner’s New Roster Containers 💗 👁‍🗨

General announcement New Service Plans coming for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Chat and Digital Messaging 💗

Exchange Online Exchange Online – Tag for external email messages received 💗 👁‍🗨

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